Gynecomastia as a sign of andropause

Different rites of passages exists for human beings. These are life changing stages where one comes out a different person. Most of these stages are gradual. You don’t just change by the night. Before the body can leave its previous features behind and adapt to the new you, there are some changes expected along the way. Menopause is one of the rites of passages for the ladies. It marks the end of their fertility. Do the men remain fertile forever till they die? I don’t think so, neither should you? There comes a time when the engines wear out and can simply perform no more task. That’s why there is andropause as well for the men. There is a lot that happens to a lady undergoing menopause. Most of the changes are hormonal. Similarly, the men are not any different. You can expect the changes when you are of the age of fifty and above. For most women its about getting there hormones in check and then using something like the best weight loss pills and all should be in order.

What does andropause signify?

Adolescence marks the stage between childhood and adulthood. At the end of the stage, you come out an adult. Andropause on the other end means some mark in your life. At the end of it, you can’t fertilize again. Those are bad news. Don’t panic, it’s not only you. Every other man has to go through the stage. The news can worsen if there are other conditions to accompany the already bad ones. Gynecomastia being the enlargement of male breasts is such a common condition during these times. The reason behind this is that testosterone is produced at a low level than usual. These levels are expected to remain low for the rest of the lifetime. This means that if gynecomastia comes in here, chances are that it will never leave. If you notice the sighs of the disease, you better seek treatment early enough.

What tells you its andropause?

There are a set of changes that occur during andropause. These are the indicators that time has come for you to get older. Among the many symptoms that will signify andropause is gynecomastia. This is where the breasts over grows to the ladies volume. The greatest population of men in their fifties will suffer from it. Other changes expected include;

  • Lower energy – you just feel weak to handle tasks you previously handles with ease. Your muscles may also weaken and wear away.
  • Infertility – that goes without saying
  • Motivation lessens – you just feel lazy to do a thing. You are weak and find it better to spend your time relaxing.
  • Concentration difficulties – you don’t find it easy to pay attention. Sometimes, it might extend to become depression.

Do you need treatment?

Not really? Most of the men will handle all these changes to the letter. If you experience some extreme abnormalities like gynecomastia however, it is wise to go for treatment. Otherwise, just eat healthy, sleep enough, exercise regularly and keep away stress.