Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners Just Keep Getting Better

Panasonic vacuum cleaners are only one small part in a long line of consumer products that Panasonic Company is known for. Engineered to provide solutions to everyday problems, vacuums became a big part of Panasonic with innovative technology that began in 1918 and still continues today.

Panasonic began making vacuum cleaners in Japan in 1918. The name of the company was Matsushita, the brand name “National” and still operates under this name in Japan. When making the move to the United States and European countries. Several other companies had already taken the common name of “National” and Matsushita had to decide on a new name. It was then that Panasonic was born.

Compared to the significant sales figures of other Panasonic products, the vacuum cleaner line is not a relatively high moving sales item but for anyone that has owned a Panasonic, they would never own another competitive brand. Extremely efficient, the sales may be lax because of the small amount of publicity generated on this particular line of consumer products.

Positive features include bagless cylinder models that have a capacity of 2.5 liters for dust and the bagged models offer over a 6-liter dirt capacity, requiring less maintenance than competitors. HEPA air filtration systems, electrostatic systems or 2000W of power make the Panasonic a long lived machine that can easily be rebuilt should parts begin to age after decades of use.

The MC-UL915 JetSpin Cyclone High-Powered Pet-Friendly Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a perfect example of ingenuity at its best. Fitted with an infrared beam to sensor dirt, you never have to guess whether or not you have sufficiently cleaned any given area. If the light is red, there are still dirt particles that need to be suctioned up. If the light is green, your carpet is clean. You will also find the pet air turbine brush on board that doesn’t just glide over pet hair but agitates, loosens and removes with ease.

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Canister units feature many of the same features as the upright models only with much more versatility in switching from carpeting to bare floors to high/low cleaning. A powerful 12-amp motor system, 6-foot reinforced hose, 4-foot height adjustment and 24-foot cord, the MC-CG902Canister Vacuum with HEPA Filter will serve all of your vacuuming needs. A carrying handle, on-board tools and belt protector are just a few of the special items that Panasonic fits their canister models with to deliver convenience to the residential customer.

All Panasonic units are fitted with the unique OptiFlow TM technology that sets Panasonic apart from competitors and the bagless models are second to none with the AeroBlast TM Cyclonic system. Uprights and canisters use a 14-foot sweep to cut back on work by completing the job faster.

Panasonic is a name that has been favored and rated high in quality for many years. The specialty line of vacuum cleaners continues this reputation and will never disappoint.